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Bonfire and Halloween Safety Themes for Latest Engagement Day

Mon 22nd Oct

Bonfire and Halloween Safety  messages are the theme of the latest Glascote Engagement Day being held on Monday 22nd October 2018 between 1pm to 5pm at St P...

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Ready to be stars in the Champions League?

THE whole of Tamworth is behind the Balkan’s Stars as they head to Croatia in search of Socca Champions League glory. The team, from Tamworth and who play in our Sunday league at The Lamb, will be the UK Representatives at the prestigious event after...

Postcards spell out why antibiotics may not be on offer across the County

SOME patients will soon be coming away from appointments with their GP with something they weren’t expecting. A campaign is being launched aimed at letting patients know about the benefits and limitations of antibiotics. GPs will be handing out postc...